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Farm Renewables Consulting is an Australian-owned business, rooted in the heart of the Central West NSW. Director, Karin Stark is a recognised leader in the agriculture and clean energy space, holding a unique position living on a farming property on the edge of the country's first Renewable Energy Zone. She has strong networks in regional Australia and seeks to facilitate the adoption of on-farm renewables as a practical way to reduce costs and emissions while building resilience. In recognition of her work, she was named in the 2023 Top 100 Green Energy Players in National newspaper 'The Australian'.

Karin's passion lies at the intersection of agriculture and energy, where she empowers rural communities and farmers to navigate the evolving energy landscape. Farm Renewables Consulting goes beyond consultancy; we advocate for a sustainable future. Karin works to deepen the understanding of the broader energy transition within rural landscapes, ensuring that communities not only comprehend but actively participate in shaping meaningful, long-term outcomes.

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Karin Stark

Karin's international and professional history spans two decades of engagement with communities around contemporary environmental issues such as waste, sustainable travel and clean energy. She has a Degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development and worked in WA before moving to the UK and finally settling to live on her partner's family farm in Narromine NSW. She was recently listed in the Top 100 Green Energy Players in 'The Australian' and as one of twenty women influencing agriculture in Australia in Farm Online, one of the leading National agricultural news websites.

She is passionate about building capacity and driving innovation to grow vibrant farms and communities in regional Australia. She is a strong advocate for transforming Australian’s agriculture sector with cost-efficient, renewable energy and is a member of the NSW Farmers 'Energy Transition Taskforce'. She has a strong media presence, appearing on National programs such as 'The Drum' and Landline on the ABC speaking about renewables and regional communities.


She founded the National Renewables in Agriculture Conference and Expo in 2019, to help farmers take advantage of the benefits renewables provide. 

Karin has an interest in driving innovation in agrivoltaics, floating solar, battery storage and hydrogen in the farming world. She was part of a consortium led by Queensland Farmers Federation, investigating how microgrids can benefit agriculture as part of a Federally funded project between 2021 and 2022.

Karin is an Agrifuture's Rural Women's Award Alumni, Board Director for RE Alliance and a former Formation Director for the Haystacks Solar Garden Co-op (a community energy project).

Listen to her podcast as part of the Sydney Powerhouse 100 Climate Conversations, profiling innovators leading Australia's response to climate change here.

Karin is a highly sought after speaker, and has spoken at various International and National Conferences including;

  • Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference, Melbourne 2023.

  • Agrifutures Research Update, Canberra 2023.

  • All Energy Conference, Melbourne 2023.

  • Natural Capital Solutions, Brisbane 2023.

  • Ellinbank Smart Farm Field Day, Victoria 2023.

  • Australian Renewable Energy Zones Conference, Sydney 2023.

  • Rural Leader Summit, Nuffield, Christchurch, New Zealand 2023.

  • The Clean Energy Council's Solar Forum, Brisbane 2022.

  • The Australian Farm Institute’s ‘Farming in a Risky Climate’ Conference, Brisbane 2019.

  • Regional, Rural and Remote Women’s Conference, WA 2019.


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