Farm Renewables Consulting is an Australian owned business, working out of the Central West NSW. Director, Karin Stark has a unique position in the industry; she lives on a farming property that uses solar energy, has strong networks in regional Australia covering farming and renewables, and seeks to facilitate the adoption of on-farm renewables as a practical way to reduce costs and emissions while building resilience.


Farm Renewables Consulting works with the Government, community groups and private industry, on the premise that shared stories and lived experience is one of the best ways to create meaningful change. 

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Karin Stark

Karin's international and professional history combines 20 years of engagement with communities around contemporary environmental issues such as waste, sustainable travel and clean energy. She has a Degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development and worked in WA before moving to the UK and finally settling to live on her partner's family farm in Narromine NSW.

She is passionate about building capacity through research and events, driving innovation and maintaining and growing vibrant farms in regional Australia. She is a strong advocate for transforming Australian’s agriculture sector with cost-efficient, renewable energy.


Australia's largest solar diesel irrigation pump was installed on her farm, in 2018 and she founded the National Renewables in Agriculture Conference and Expo in 2019, to share their story and help others take advantage of the benefits renewables provide.

Karin has an interest in driving innovation in agrivoltaics, floating solar, battery storage and hydrogen in the farming world. She is currently part of a consortium led by Queensland Farmers Federation, investigating how microgrids can benefit agriculture as part of a Federally funded project..

Karin is an Agrifuture's Rural Women's Award Alumni and a Formation Director for the Haystacks Solar Garden Co-op.