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Report; Farm Powered - Opportunities for regional communities in the renewable energy boom HERE

Solar Pumping Checklist - A reference to ensure you’ve done the basic groundwork, checked warranties, asked the right questions, and can compare quotes from solar pumping businesses on a like for like basis.

Find the solar/diesel Checklist HERE

Find the grid connected Checklist  HERE

Free energy advice in NSW - The NSW Government is providing free virtual energy advice from experts for farm businesses. If you spend over $30K a year on energy, you can get up to 20 hours of a consultants time.

Click here to register and for more info

Renewable Energy Landholder Guide
NSW Farmers have a great Landholder Guide available HERE

US Farmer's Guide to going solar (looking at agrivoltaics)  HERE

Clean Energy Council's Australian Guide to Agrisolar for large-scale solar HERE

Transforming Australian Agriculture with Clean Energy - a Practical Guide HERE

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