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The Drum on the ABC, 2023

ABC Radio National       - Country Hour - Pursuing an Agrivoltaics Future in Australia

Canberra Times                 - Australia yet to shine using solar in agriculture


Renew Economy               - Renewables and farming - Is this golden opportunity about to slip through our fingers


The Guardian                  - Australia needs a grid upgrade, but the march of the new powerlines faces a bus revolt

ABC Landline            -  Dividing lines; opposition to high voltage transmission (Nov 2021)

Ecogeneration           - Farming the sun and land: The power of agrivoltaics

The Land                    - Passion helps secure farm future

RN Drive                    - Farmers want action on net zero now

NSW Country Hour     - 2021 Conference broadcast

ABC Rural                   - Renewable Energy projects worth billions predicted as NSW pushes ahead with target zones

                                           - Renewables get a big boost from the NSW Government


ABC Rural Report        - Dubbo Renewable Energy Zone 

ABC Rural                      - Farmers urged to improve their carbon credentials

Western Magazine        - Climate Council launches Clean Jobs Plan 


Dubbo Photo News   - Renewable Energy Zone

Rural News                 - New England Renewable Energy Zone

Farm Online               - It's time to accelerate renewable energy adoption on our farms

Prime 7 coverage

Renewable Energy Zones

'Waverleigh' Solar Diesel Irrigation Pump Launch 2018

Australian Financial Review

NSW Country Hour Broadcast, 24 September 2018

ABC Country Hour

ReNew Newsletter 

Western Magazine NSW

2019 National Renewables in Agriculture Conference coverage

The Land 

The Farmer

The Land

Queensland Country Life

Farm Weekly 7 November 2019

Western Magazine 9 May 2019



ABC’s NSW Country Hour 14 November 2019

Riverina ABC 15 November with Sally Bryant from 7.34min in (interviews with delegates)

ABC’s NSW Country Hour October – Gemma Purcell 1 October 2019

ABC Riverina with Sally Bryant 30 October 2019

ABC Riverina with Sally Bryant 6 Nov 2019

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