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Farm Renewables Consulting specialises in the energy and agriculture space.

Utilising renewable energy is a practical way for farmers to increase their energy efficiency, and drastically reduce their operational costs, emissions and exposure to energy price fluctuations. At Farm Renewables Consulting, we know that soaring energy costs are causing financial strain and threatening farm competitiveness, so we specialise in services that build understanding and knowledge and ensure stories of farmers using renewables are told and shared.

With a passion for regional renewal and for combining farming with large scale solar, we work at the intersection between renewables, agriculture and regional communities.


The business provides; Strategy, Communications, Facilitation, Capacity Building, Project and Event Management and Community Consultation.


Farm Renewables Consulting also has a vast network of contacts in the industry working on decarbonisation of agriculture, who conduct energy assessments, identify opportunities and can assist with on-farm renewable solutions.

Whether it’s bioenergy, hosting large scale solar and wind farms, solar irrigation, battery storage, electric utes, hydrogen or financing renewable energy on your property, Farm Renewables Consulting has connections, information and

stories for it all.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you. We’d love to hear from you. 

Clients include: Tilt Renewables, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment/EnergyCo, Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity, Irrigation Australia and Farmers for Climate Action.


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